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Graduate Summer Internship Program

GHI-CTP internsIn 2010, the Emory Global Health Institute - China Tobacco Control Partnership launched a Graduate Summer Internship Program in China. Designed to complement its work on tobacco control, the program allows graduate students to spend eight weeks in China working with city partners on their specific initiatives.

The program includes a competitive application process and basic training in Chinese tobacco control efforts for those selected. The selected students work on a variety of tobacco control projects in a grantee location. Our GHI-CTP partners provide challenging and rewarding opportunities for interns to expand their knowledge and skills in public health and tobacco control.  Past projects have included developing public service messages, creating tobacco education materials, engaging in evaluation efforts, and drafting reports.

Each intern has a mentor throughout the program and delivers a presentation about his or her completed work upon return to Emory.  The interns also have the opportunity to participate in the Global Health Institute Scholars Symposium.  Past interns have expressed a new appreciation both for the opportunity to work so closely with our Chinese partners, and for the challenges and rewards of tobacco control work in China. 

2012 Summer Internship Presentations

Tangshan:  “Exploring Tobacco-Free Government Organization Model and Promoting Tobacco-Free Cities Process, Tangshan”

Yinchuan:  “Local No-Smoking Policy in Yinchuan, China, Prospect & Challenges”

Shanghai:  “SHS Exposure Among Pregnant Women and Infants in Shanghai: A Study with Preliminary Findings”

Qingdao:  “City-Wide Tobacco Free Hospitals in Qingdao”

Nanning:  “Legislation for Tobacco Control Nanning”

Luoyang:  “Establishment of Smoke-Free Legislation and Smoke-Free Home in Luoyang, China”

Suzhou:  “Smoking Intervention to Eliminate Indoor Smoking Among Employees in Municipal Government and State-Owned Companies in Suzhou”

Wuxi:  “Smoking Status of Wuxi Medical Staff”

2011 Summer Internship Presentations

Anshan: “Smoke-Free Workplaces”

Changsha:  “Tobacco Control in Changsha:  A Battle with a Deadly Industry”

Kelamayi:  “Establish Tobacco-Free Work Place in both Government Offices and Enterprises Departments”

Luoyang:  “Creating Smoke-Free Homes”

Ningbo:  “Tobacco-Free School Campaign”

Qingdao:  “Establishing Tobacco-Free Hospitals”

Shanghai:  “Secondhand Smoke Control Among Pregnant Women and Infants in Shanghai”

Suzhou:  “Tobacco Control in Government Organizations”

Tangshan:  “Tobacco Control in Government Agencies in Tangshan, China"


Students interested in the 2012 GHI-CTP Graduate Student Internship Program must meet the following criteria:

How to Apply

For more information and to view our application:

2012 Graduate Student Internship Program Application

For Summer 2012, completed applications are due no later than February 29, 2012.