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Events - China Tobacco Control Research Symposium

From Research to Action

Held in October 2011, the China Tobacco Control Research Symposium offered an exciting and educational forum for our China tobacco control colleagues. The Symposium provided opportunities for attendees to learn more about the latest research findings that are specific to China and understand ways to apply these results to reduce tobacco use and advance tobacco control in China.

Emory Symposium

The planning committee for the Symposium, composed of the China Medical Association, the China Medical Board, and the Emory Global Health Institute –China Tobacco Control Partnership team members, worked diligently for nine months to create the informative agenda where participants learned from each other. 

The results have been gratifying – attendees reported high satisfaction with the Symposium’s content and presentations.  Many expressed their desire to make this conference an annual event. Dr. Yang Gonghuan, former Deputy Director General of the Chinese Center for Disease Prevention and Control, specifically noted that more evidence-based research in tobacco control in China is critical, and that the Symposium is an excellent tool for encouraging such research.

Agenda for 2011 China Tobacco Control Research Symposium

Presentations from 2011 China Tobacco Control Research Symposium

Opening Plenary

The Importance of Research in Tobacco Control

The Importance of Tobacco Control Efforts and How to Translate from Research

Behavior and Social Science

Research Investigating Tobacco Exposure in Tobacco Cultivating Rural Areas of Yunnan Province

Promotion of Capability and Effectiveness for Tobacco Control Program Among Rural Resident-Report on the Baseline Survey

Smoke-Free World Expo

Policy and Legal Analysis

Role of Policy and Legal Research in Accelerating Tobacco Control and the Status of Policy and Legal Research in China

Smoking Ban Legislation in Public Places in China

Cost-Benefit-Analysis of No-Smoking Policy Instruments

Current Status and Challenges


Role of Economic Research in Accelerating Tobacco Control

Economic Burden Attributable to Smoking in China

Retail Prices Surveillance of Cigarettes in China

Research Findings of China's Tobacco Tax


The Role of Epidemiological Surveillance in Tobacco Control

Report on Baseline Survey of CMB

Tobacco Control Strategy for the Youth GATS China-Launch of Results


Role of Cessation in Accelerating Tobacco Control

Cessation Program in Hospitals

Other Research

Experiment of Tobacco Substitute Plantation at Village Level

MPOWER – Warn about the Dangers of Tobacco

How Tobacco Companies in China Promote Their Products Through Cigarette Packaging

Smoking Patterns Among Migrant Workers

Closing Plenary

Producing, Disseminating and Using Research to Advance Tobacco Control